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Things to Know While Creating a WordPress Website to Launch Your New Business

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) but it is powerful platform for websites of all types and sizes. Launched in 2003, it powers over 32% of sites today. And it has a number of advantages but you will need help of a web design company Melbourne to take advantage of its features.

Here I won’t list advantages of WordPress but will alarm you about the risks of doing things on your own. Today website has become a need for every business but you are free to design your site on your own with free website building tools or hire a professional.

Since WordPress doesn’t require knowledge of complicated technologies like CSS, PHP and HTML, most entrepreneurs especially startups and small and medium businesses try making their sites using free tools but little do they know that it is only a professional web development company Melbourne that can design a feature rich WordPress site that is fully functional as well.

See what you can miss in your design and how a professional could help in designing a better website


Ease of designing makes WordPress a better choice but it becomes a poor choice when the design is poorly executed like using free templates that make sites more vulnerable to hackers and spammers. If you aren’t a design expert, you will end up creating a site that is of little use for your business. 


WordPress sites are SEO friendly but it is only an experienced web design company Melbourne that can make a SEO friendly design. You can also make your WordPress site search friendly but you need complete knowledge on search engine optimization. If you don’t have knowledge of SEO, you won’t be able to make a SEO friendly site and your website would never achieve a high rank of search result pages.


You need to be very careful with your website design, if it is an online shop or ecommerce site. Buyers will trust on your site only when they find the design perfectly balanced with all necessary security features added. A poor design will give the message that the website owner isn’t serious about business. And you need deep knowledge on web designing in order to create a design that makes your business look reliable.

Necessary design elements 

It is only an experienced web development company Melbourne that can guide and advice on necessary design elements that make a site reliable. For example, take a contact form that allows visitors to contact the business the website represents. Similarly, there could a newsletter sign-up or blog page to educate visitors about the business. If you know what design elements you need for your site, you can go ahead with free website building tools.

Technical issues 

What if you face technical and hosting issues with your self-designed website? In this situation, you will be left to struggle with those issues with whatever knowledge you have on the issues. You can try finding answers to the problems on Google but you will need knowledge on those issues to find a viable solution. But a professional won’t let the issues come up.

Future expansion 

As your business grows, you will require expanding your site by adding more pages and features to it. But you need having an expansion plan in your mind. And if you aren’t taking help of a web design company Melbourne, you won’t be able to keep your site updated with design changes. Your site will look outdated all the time.

Website experience 

In order to give a unique website experience to your visitors, you have to make smooth navigation using established rules. Visitors will expect support from your site and if they don’t get the support like you make them scroll up and down for information, they will click back from your site.

Outsourcing your website design project to an experienced web development company Melbourne will be a better choice as it is only an expert that can create the best design for your site. Yes, you will pay a price for the service but you will get more in return.

First of all, you will get a decent site designed to represent your business on the web. And you can promote this site on search engines and social media with digital marketing. Also, your design partner will take care of future needs and solve the issues that could come up in testing phase.

Also, there are some hidden benefits of hiring a web design company Melbourne. It will save you time that is more precious than dollars. The time saved can be utilized for other important tasks like strengthening your customer care system and improving your workflow to get ready to cater to a huge flow of clients that will visit your website.