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    Technical SEO Audit

    With the technical SEO audit, Citiyano De aims to ensure that there is a due discipline followed in the implementation of the website, and it is working just fine. If post the implementation, there is any problem or restrictions on the organic traffic coming to your website, then such issues will come forward during a technical SEO audit. Thereafter, our expert audit team at Citiyano De will take effective measures to fix any plausible implementation problems. Thus, if there’s any issue related to the SEO of the website, it is uncovered during an SEO audit.

    We use a checklist, but why?

    Our team of Technical SEO Audit will check a bunch of different things in different places. So, if we do not keep a track of these things, we might forget what’s done and what’s yet to be done. This checklist will also be helpful for you to see how far the work is done. A lot of companies don’t believe in making checklists. However, we think otherwise. Though simple, checklists have a bunch of benefits. These include:

    Technical SEO Checklists

    When there isn’t any list, there’s a chance that you’ll discover a couple of technical problems with your site later on. However, since we always maintain a list of all relevant check-points, it is easier for us to keep a tab on all essential areas that require checking.

    Honestly, we feel that when you work without a checklist, you’ll have to spend a lot more effort doing the same thing. It is so because, at every stage, you’ll have to decide the next step. However, since we have our checklist is prepared right in the beginning, we can perform the audit work sooner.

    So, why is it that we say that our technical audits are excellent?

    Do you know what really makes a technical audit excellent? See, once we decide on using the checklists, we make sure that every right thing is in it. For us, the key purpose of a technical SEO audit is ensuring that the implementation of the website is not hampering the traffic. So, everything that we dig in during the audit work takes us back to our assessment. This, in true, the sense is the scope of our Technical SEO Audit.

    See, there are two approaches to it.

    One approach is that agencies take measures to organize the checklist based on where to look to perform the check. So, in this approach, all the on-page SEO elements are analyzed. Following it, the auditor moves on to the sitemap related (or off-page SEO) issues. However, we do not work by this approach.

    As part of Citiyano De’s SEO Melbourne strategy, we would start by thinking of all the conversations that we’ll have after the audit is done. What we are truly concerned about is that the website’s important content is not indexed because crawlers failed to discover the URLs. To rectify this problem, we will submit a sitemap for the crawlers. So, as part of our Technical SEO Audit, we explain every change and the reason for making that change.

    So, the audit we do has three parts:

    • The Outcome – Important content is not indexed.
    • The Cause – The crawlers are unable to discover your URLs
    • The Issue – Sitemaps have been uploaded for access.

    So, this is the true sense of the audit checklist. Need more help to understand the structure and scope of our audit? Get in touch with us.

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