Know How Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne Could Boost Traffic on Your Website

Websites are an interface through which a brand or business connects to their audience and stakeholders. Besides being a window to the external audience, websites are a one stop shop for anyone to gain information about the brand or business.  Almost all business entities have a website that their target audience can visit. However, the challenge with a website is to generate traffic. There are multitudes of websites on the Internet and arresting attention of your right audience and getting them to engage with your website is one of the biggest challenges that you will face. Digital marketing is the biggest and most effective way to direct your target audience towards your website. Here are a few digital marketing tools that digital marketing agencies in Melbourne use to direct more traffic to your website:

Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to channelize the inflowing traffic to your website. Carefully strategized posts on your social media can become a game changer in terms of improving your digital visibility. However, to get the best results make sure you are actively posting information on your social media accounts. The recommended frequency for posting on social media is at least 5 times a week. Look at creative ways to share information. Videos and animations work very well in drawing attention of users. You can reach out to a digital marketing agency in Melbourne to help you optimize your social media.

When your audience start engaging with you on social media, make sure you actively respond to their queries. This will win their trust and help you build a long term relationship which eventually might lead to conversions.

The key to succeeding in your social media outreach to gain the audience will only be effective when your content is carefully designed. Make sure you share the link of your website in posts. If a user like the content that you have posted, they are likely to visit the URL that you have shared along with the post and subsequently visit your website. Most digital marketing agencies in Melbourne use this technique to boost traffic.

If you are having your website constructed or renovating your existing one, makes sure there is plug-ins that will direct your user to your social media accounts.

Another extremely effective way is to engage a social influencer to advocate your cause or promote your products. You can engage them to promote your product or services online among their audience. This can help you build a massive audience base. For professional intervention, you can reach out to a digital marketing agency in Melbourne.


While you can boost your posts or undertake paid promotion of your social media handles, blogging is the best way to generate organic traffic. You can put up blogs on generic subjects that relate to your product and services and have them search engine optimized. The reason for the tremendous success of blogging is that on having authentic content that matches a user’s query, your website will pop up in the top searches. Most digital marketing agencies in Melbourne bank on SEO optimized blogs to generate traffic on websites.

An interesting fact is that when you put up high-quality content, other websites will also reference to your content and create backlinks. The greater number of backlinks your website has, the more your visibility will be.

While blogging, make sure that your content is supplement with pictures, animations or graphics that make the content reader friendly and interesting. To ensure that your content is search engine optimized, add the right keywords and meta descriptions. You can share these blogs on your website and on your social media accounts to generate more traffic. Hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne can help you through this process.  

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing through company updates and newsletters are a proven method to increase your website traffic. E-mail marketing adds a personal touch and helps you touch base with your customer in a very unique manner. As you generate content for your blogs, you can use the content to create a newsletter and share it with your audience. If your user opens your e-mail or newsletter, he can go through the updates and read more information about the subject on your website. To do this, you can include snippets of interesting information on new products or offers and then add a link directing the user to your website for more information. However, you need to keep in mind that people do not spend more than a few seconds while viewing a promotional mail. So your pitch should be good enough to hook the user and direct him to your website. Professionals from a SEO agency in Melbourne can give you the right direction for making e-mail marketing effective.

Get Your Website Optimized for All Devices

While content plays an important role in driving traffic to your website, optimization of your website across devices is extremely important.  Most people now use their mobile phones to view and consume online content. Did you know that Google also ranks your website on the basis of its compatibility across devices? Earlier, optimizing your website compatibility on other devices was just an option. But today, it has become mandatory with most of the digital audience moving to the mobile screen for their online activities. A professional SEO agency in Melbourne can help you optimize your website and blogs most effectively.

The website design also plays an important role in generating ranking. Website designs must be easy to navigate. This means that your user should be able to access the information on your website in just a few clicks. It also should be attractive and appear without breaks and jerks on any smaller device. Site speed is another factor that can play a vital role in generating interest among your users towards your website. If a page delays or is slow in loading information, your user could move on to another website that responds better on their mobile devices. You can reach out to a digital marketing agency in Melbourne to ensure that your website meets all these standards.

Search Engine Optimization

The need for Search Engine Optimization of your online content is more of a necessity now. SEO can play a vital role in directing online traffic to your website. Using the right keywords and optimizing your content on the website or your blogs can go a long way in generating interest among the digital audience towards your business and therefore your website. You can consider engaging a digital marketing agency in Melbourne to help you with SEO for your website.

The process is dynamic, which means you will have to keep upgrading your content and meta descriptions to keep the process active. You must also check the information already on your website to ensure that all photographs and images are linked properly to help viewer easily check your website. While you may find a plethora of keywords that match your business description, you will have to make the keywords specific to get the best results. For instance an SEO agency in Melbourne will customize a generic keyword such as ‘digital marketing’ to make it a specific keyword such as ‘why digital marketing is important for your business’ to get the results of your choice.