Do you wish to help your brand grow exponentially on Instagram? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. Over the past couple of years, Citiyano De has used Instagram as an active medium to help businesses grow to their full potential. With that experience in mind, we can help you too. So, if you ever need help with your Instagram, you can reach out to us.   As part of our Instagram Marketing strategy, we will help you do a multitude of things. These will include: 

    Optimizing your Instagram Account

    Every great brand on Instagram is supposed to have a great profile picture, compelling bio, and a connected website that directs them to the homepage. It is the most initial step of Instagram marketing and the most important one at that. People only follow you, if you have a well-optimized page. So, we ensure that your profile picture is relevant, and you have a compelling bio. 

    Follow all relevant account

    The next step included in our strategy is following all the brands, people, or the media companies in the industry that is relevant to your business. It would be followed by an effort to create an engagement with these accounts. We would do that by leaving a like or a comment on their past few posts. Seeing this effort, they too might give you a follow back. 

    Look for the Industry-based hashtags

    Citiyano De believes that hashtag is one of the most effective ways to hunt new people and photos to follow. Every day, there are several thousands of hashtags shared on Instagram. Now, you’ll have to see and note the type of hashtags that are being used by the influencers in your business and then make the best use of these hashtags in your posts too.

    Help you get shout outs

    Further, we’ll use the power of influencers to help you grow your account. Building relationships with bigger and more successful accounts is a great way to grow your account. We will have them promote your page.

    Share posts frequently

    To be relevant in the industry, you should post regularly. A lot of agencies resort to posting 5-10 times a day. However, Citiyano De doesn’t believe in that. We believe in posting just enough times to ensure that your brand doesn’t appear spammy. A lot of businesses come to us with a question as to how often should they post. Honestly, there isn’t anyone number that works for all brands. Based on the success, performance, and reach, we increase or decrease the number of posts on your Instagram page. 

    Use of hashtags in the comment section

    We rarely use hashtags with the post. Instead, we put them in the comment section.

    In this way, the post looks neater, and there’s no stuffing. Of course, the impact is more or less the same, but it’s just that your caption doesn’t look all that bad. 

    Host Contests

    While your brand is new, we’ll repeatedly host contests to get more and more people interested in your brand. It will also increase the overall engagement on your page. 

    social media marketing

    Requesting your followers to like or share your content

    Firstly, we’ll post quality content. Then, we’ll include a CTA in the end. This will nudge your audience to like or share the post. When more and more people like or share the content, it will rank higher on the Instagram algorithm. As a result of it, it will be shown in the explore tab of the people who follow accounts similar to yours. 

    Posts stories regularly

    In our view, the stories have a better reach than posts. Hence, we take an effective measure to regularly post stories related to what your brand does, the progress it is making, and any update about it.  

    Like our Instagram marketing strategy? Get in touch with our team to know more about it. 

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