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Hire SEO Agency Melbourne or Avoid Making These Common SEO Mistakes

So, you’ve decided to go alone in SEO instead of involving an SEO agency Melbourne and you are certain that you can achieve good results. Yes, you can do a great job, if you can avoid common mistakes that can tank your site.

Mistake 1: Mistaking your audience

The basic principle of SEO is to know your audience. And knowing your audience means how they behave and respond to different marketing calls. You need understanding the macro trends affecting the buying behavior of customers by studying both historical and real time data. Also, checking search queries could be a great idea on consumer intent.

Mistake 2: Proceeding without a detailed SEO plan

Knowing your audience will give you insight on who your targeted audiences are; what they are looking for and the factors affecting their buying patterns. But you will need a detailed roadmap to convert this knowledge into profit. For SEO plan, you need evaluating the competition like keywords and content. Also, you will need technologies to manage your actions. Here an experienced SEO agency Melbourne has a clear edge over you.

Mistake 3: Taking content lightly

Google loves content and for this reason, content is called king in digital marketing. But it doesn’t mean that you should copy and paste content from other sites or publish everything that is in any way relevant to your website. It would have keywords but they should look like a part of content instead of unnecessary things in content. While content writing, you should try answering all the queries that your targeted audiences could have in their mind while searching information about your business.

Mistake 4: Avoiding title tags and meta tags

These tags are basic grains of SEO and missing them would mean missing an important link to SEO. While writing title and meta tags is more technical in nature but you can try writing meta and title descriptions with whatever knowledge you have. Or you can hire an experienced SEO agency Melbourne that can do a better job.

Mistake 5: Not paying heed to link building

Missing quality links to sites with high search rank and online reputation can spoil all your SEO efforts. Another important factor in links is keeping anchor texts ineffective. Google counts every link as a vote to a site and anchor text tells about origin of the link and its advantage for both the readers and the Google bots. In order to collect links, you need making a detailed link building program. Also, you need monitoring links to find broken chain and fix those links.

Mistake 6: Not using internal links effectively

You will certainly include links to the top performing pages of your site in your content and it will give extra traction to those pages but you could mistake connecting links just for linking and it is a mistake. Google will value internal linking only when the links look natural to content. But you should also audit internal links for broken links and slow pages and other important factors. And it is the job that an experienced SEO agency Melbourne can do in the best possible manner.

Mistake 7: Depriving your audiences with a mobile-friendly experience

SEO is more than keyword research and content. It is also about performance especially on mobile devices. Your site has to be fast downloading and the audiences should be able to view your web content on their mobiles. You need improving your site’s speed in addition to having a responsive design for your website. And if you face difficulty in understanding technicalities of SEO, you should join hands with an experienced SEO company.