Guide to Make Your Small Business Website Work Harder For You

So, you want to make your small business live with a website that scores high on every factor from search engine to human visitors but don’t know how to start. Here an experienced web design company Melbourne can help but you should also know the important web design factors.

  1. Domain name

The first thing in your website that will attract attention of both Google and targeted audience is its domain name. It should reflect your business and make sense. Also, it should be short and easy to spell and remember. Do your research on domain names before choosing one.

  1. Web hosting

Hosting is a critical issue for a website as it determines functioning of a site. There are many hosting options like shared, virtual private server and dedicated hosting. Also, you need keeping the tech support and security features in mind while choosing a hosting package. Take interest in the hosting suggestions made by your web design agency Melbourne.

  1. Describe your business in the right manner

It is important to describe your business in detail so that visitors know who you are, what you do and what the advantages of your business are. Also, provide the “About Us” link on main and footer navigation menus on your site. It will allow visitors to click on About Us link to get more info about your business.

  1. Choose the best CMS

It is only with a content management system that you can make your site user-friendly. With CMS, you can easily maintain and update your website with little technical knowledge. For example, you can choose a WordPress platform, Drupal, Joomla or Wix or any other platform that your web design company Melbourne suggests.

  1. Implement a good e-commerce platform

If you are making an online store and planning selling products on the web then you will need making an ecommerce website. There is WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Business Squarespace, Wix and others that you can use for making your ecommerce website. Here you should remember that how your site functions, largely depends on the ecommerce platform selected.

  1. Make an interesting user-interface

If you can make your small business leave a mark on its visitors then make a great user-interface. For example, you can use eye-catchy graphics and readable fonts. Also, you can design an intuitive navigation system that gives a smooth navigation to visitors. The good thing is that an experienced web design agency Melbourne can make a good user-interface.

  1. Optimize your website for high search ranking

SEO is also a necessity and in present times, it is only search marketing that can help your site figure high on search result pages. Your SEO will suggest making changes to boost your website speed and increasing security of your site so that your site becomes reliable.

  1. Publish quality content

It is important to publish content on your site but it has to be of high quality and fresh. You need searching keywords and writing webpages, articles, blogs and press releases to promote your site. Your web design company Melbourne can prepare a content plan for your website promotion.

  1. Install webmaster tools

Take advantage of webmaster tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to analyze traffic data and performance of your site. These tools will help monitor visitors and calculate average time spent on your website. Also, it will help in counting number of views on each webpage and check broken links.

  1. Implement a maintenance plan

Talk to your web design agency Melbourne to make a maintenance plan to keep your site working all the time. It is necessary to have maintenance plan so that your site remains free from technical issues that can tank your site on digital media.